You’re in the heart and soul of the nation’s capital. You’re surrounded by power and beauty, architecture and history, pomp and circumstance. Statues, monuments and memorials. Legends, hopes and dreams. It’s all right here.


The Oval Office just across Lafayette Park. The power corridor of K Street just around the corner. The Capitol Rotunda shining under the watchful eye of the Statue of Freedom. In the shadow of The Willard where, legend has it, President Ulysses S. Grant first grumbled about the “lobbyists” who waited there to take a moment of his time. You live where tourists dream to visit. You witness daily sights seen nowhere else. The stories this city could tell.



Afternoon tea at the St. Regis, cozy cocktails in the Hay Adams, casual meetings at The Mayflower. You revel in the beauty of cherry blossoms. You relax as the sun sets just to the west over Georgetown. You appreciate history, applaud culture and marvel at beauty. You enjoy comfort, treasure privacy and value excellence. At The Adele, you’ve found it all.

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